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I'm Angelica.

Welcome to my website portfolio! As an experienced marketing leader, I have consistently driven results for large-scale events, products, services, and organizational branding. My diverse background in strategic branding, creative endeavors, event promotion, sponsorship, partnership development, public health, and community outreach allows me to approach marketing challenges with a unique and strategic perspective.

Throughout my career, I've led numerous enterprise-level initiatives, managing teams, building new programs from the ground up, and leveraging research and data to engage audiences and meet annual growth goals. From growing attendance and launching new programs to scaling pilot projects and aligning practices with organizational values, my leadership has been integral.

I like to take a hands-on approach, crafting impactful marketing content and video scripts, spearheading email marketing strategies, producing videos and graphics, managing social media campaigns, and enhancing web presence. These efforts have made a measurable impact on the organizations I've worked with.

I'm excited to share my work and expertise with you and look forward to the opportunity to collaborate on future projects.

2018 Highlights Promo

Highlights Promo
Led the content creation and design of the promotional brochure, highlighting key Annual Meeting details, and oversaw its distribution to over 100,000 recipients.

2018 Mobile App Release Video

App Release Video
Curated the first release video for the association's Annual Meeting app before releasing the tutorial series I created.


College Newsletter
Designed the layout, included original images, and conducted interviews for stories to highlight the work and success of the College of Health Sciences. 

VA Streetz Social Media Plan (1) (1).pdf

Social Media Audit
Gathered data on digital footprint from platforms and overall online presence to make data-driven decisions and provide reccommendations.

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